Packaging Applications of Aluminium

The properties of the various aluminium alloys has resulted in aluminium being used in industries as diverse as transport, food preparation, energy generation, packaging, architecture, and electrical transmission applications. Depending upon the application, aluminium can be used to replace other materials like cooper, steel, zinc, tin plate, stainless steel, titanium, wood, paper, concrete and composites. Some examples of the areas where aluminium is used are given in the following sections Packaging Applications of Aluminium Corrosion resistance and protection against UV light combined with moisture and odour containment plus the fact that aluminium is non-toxic and will not leach or taint the products has resulted in the widespread use of aluminium foils and sheet in food packaging and protection. The most common use of aluminium for packaging has been in aluminium beverage cans. Aluminium cans now account for around 15% of the global consumption of aluminium.

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