Aluminium Sheets

Our comprehensive inventory features a wide range of aluminum sheet products, including various alloys, thicknesses, and sizes. Whatever your industry or project needs, we have the right aluminum sheet for you.

We understand the critical importance of quality in your operations. Our aluminum sheets are sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring that you receive products that meet or exceed industry standards.

Aluminum Sheet Grades

 1000 Series: These aluminum sheets are nearly pure aluminum and are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, good formability, and electrical conductivity. They are often used in electrical and chemical applications.

2000 Series: Known for their exceptional strength and heat-treatable properties, 2000 series aluminum sheets find applications in aerospace and high-stress structural components.

3000 Series: These sheets offer good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. They are commonly used for cooking utensils, chemical equipment, and automotive parts.

5000 Series: Aluminum sheets in the 5000 series are known for their high corrosion resistance and are often used in marine and transportation applications.

6000 Series: These sheets are heat-treatable and have good formability. They are widely used in architectural and structural applications, such as extrusions for windows and doors.

7000 Series: Known for their exceptional strength, these sheets are often used in aerospace and high-performance applications where strength is crucial.

Aluminum Sheet Alloys

Alloy 1100: Pure aluminum with excellent corrosion resistance and low strength. Commonly used in general applications like packaging and signage.

Alloy 3003: Offers good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. Commonly used for cooking utensils, food packaging, and chemical equipment.

Alloy 5052: Known for its high corrosion resistance and excellent formability. Often used in marine applications, aircraft fuel tanks, and architectural components.

Alloy 6061: Heat-treatable alloy with good strength and weldability. Widely used in structural and architectural applications.

Alloy 7075: High-strength alloy with excellent fatigue resistance. Used in aerospace, military, and high-performance applications.

Common Sheet Sizes

Aluminum sheets are available in various standard sizes, but custom sizes can also be obtained through fabrication. Common sheet sizes include:

48 inches x 96 inches (4 feet x 8 feet): This is a standard size widely used in various applications.

48 inches x 120 inches (4 feet x 10 feet): Larger than the standard size, suitable for bigger projects.

Other Custom Sizes: Depending on your specific requirements, you can obtain aluminum sheets in various dimensions, thicknesses, and shapes.

Note: Remember that these sizes and alloys are just a starting point. The choice of aluminum sheet grade, alloy, and size depends on the specific needs of your project. It’s essential to consult with a supplier or manufacturer to determine the best aluminum sheet for your application.

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